The School ICT Survey (previously known as the ITMEL Survey) is a tool for schools to determine how their ICT Systems and Resources compare to other schools in Australia.

It is a fully independent, anonymous survey that covers areas including:

  • ICT Staff and Remuneration
  • ICT Department Responsibilities
  • Laptop/Desktop Devices Used in Classrooms, by Staff
  • AV Equipment
  • Software used
  • Internet Connections
  • Cloud Uptake
  • Popular Vendors
  • Backup and Data Retention
  • Privacy & Social Media Use
  • Ratios, Students to Devices, Support Staff to Devices
  • Budgets based on School Fees

Results are presented based on

  • Student Population
  • Staff Population
  • Tuition Fees charged
  • Level of Responsibility an ICT Department may have

How it works?

The survey normally opens annually in August. Schools are invited to submit responses to the survey, the survey normally closes in September.

Results start to be posted in November, with all results completed by December.

Managers can then use these results to make decisions within their own schools.