What is collected?

The software tools for the survey's annual data collection are opensource.

The survey does not ask you for an email address or to register a username and password.

The IP Address of your computer/network is not stored against your responses.

A cookie may be downloaded to your webbrowser, but this is simply to keep track your progress of the survey and return to it, it does not allow identification from the responses.

When you submit data, if you have any thing that could reveal your identity, for example your job title is unique amonsgts schools you should swap out your title for a more generic one.

Data collected by this website is stored in Australia and is subject to Australian Privacy Law.

You may be asked by your schools governing body or association to add a unique code to your responses. One of the questions allows you to enter this. This code will identify your responses to this body, but this website and its owner will not know what this identifier is and will be unable to match this against individual schools.

Who sees what data?

Public - Data available in the reports on this website is mainly aggregated, there are some free form comments or notes that may be included in the report. However, if there is any identifying data in these comments, it will either be eliminated from responses or the identifying component removed.

School Governing Body/Association - Generally all raw data, except Staffing remuneration and Qualifications is provided to these bodies upon request. First, you must provide your unique identifier in the survey for this to be included. Secondly, the governing body must make contact with this website and send a list of their identifiers only (not other information), so that their request can be validated.

Other Parties - Raw data collected in this survey is not shared with other parties.