Being an anonymous survey, the dataset can be subject to inaccurate and incomplete data.

The following process is applied to ensure data is as accurate as possible:

For a response to be included the following minimum data must be supplied:

  • State school is in
  • Whether the schools is Public/Private/Catholic
  • The number of Students
  • The number of Staff
  • The number of ICT Staff
  • School Fees
  • ICSEA Score (from 2019 onwards)

Next, data is validated and minor errors corrected (eg If asked annual budget, someone specifies 150k, this is corrected to 150,000)

Next, data integrity is checked, with extremes or obviously incorrect data being omitted (eg If a school has 1000 computers, but only 120 students or 10 IT support staff, but some have no wage, but they are not listed as volunteers/students)

Finally, if there is not enough data for a particular metric, the mean is not caclulated and there will be some form of indication to the reader that this particular item may be inaccurate.